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Employee Relation Services

 Employment Law


As it is key to protect your company, you must also protect employees that keep it running. We use our expertise to safeguard all parties to prevent any unwarranted legal claims in the future.


Employment Protection Services

  • confidentiality agreements

  • non-compete covenants

  • client buyout agreements

Wages & Benefits

  • fair labor standards act

  • wage and hour laws

  • health insurance

  • retirement benefits

Employment Discrimination

  • sexual harassment

  • gender

  • race & age

  • sexual orientation

  • disability

  • religious

  • national origin

  • pregnancy


Prevention Strategies

  • wrongful termination

  • discrimination disputes


Hiring Process

  • offers and contracts

  • contractor or employee


Losing a Job

  • unemployment benefits

  • wrongful termination



  • state leave law

  • family medical leave act