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 Litigation Matters

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Our firm has years of experience in providing high level representation for both plaintiffs and defendants in a multitude of high-stakes litigation matters.


Business Disputes Among Shareholders & Members

  • defense and prosecution of fiduciary breach claims

  • oppression of minority shareholders

  • partnership accounting

  • dissolution cases

  • usurpation of corporate opportunities

Defense & Prosecution of Wrongful Termination

  • age discrimination

  • sexual harassment

  • unemployment compensation

Personal Injury Claims Prosecution

  • infliction of emotional distress

  • sexual harassment claims

  • student-on-student misconduct

  • teacher-on-student misconduct


“Bet-The-Company” Litigation & Civil Rights



Disputes Between Former Employer & Employee

  • non-compete

  • unfair competition

  • non-solicitation

  • trade secret misappropriation


Contract Disputes

  • declaratory judgments regarding prospective contract obligations

  • construction & professional services

  • business finder & commission

  • government claims defense